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Welcome to The Evolution Money Community! The new currency to help green ecology. Create and buy Nfts in our future markets and EVOM$ stake with other tokens.

Pancakeswap Locked Liquidity

Locked Liquidity

100% Decentralized

Elon Lovers

Burning System

Every 10 bilions token we gonna burn 5% of the total supply.

Held by the community

Any decision made will be voted on by the community.


EVOM Farm works on Pancakeswap,the #1 decentralized exchange, all transactions are secure.

Protected community

Community groups are well moderated to repel  scamer and fuders.

Next Generation DeFi

What can I do with  EVOM?

stake EVOM tokens in our Dapp to generate EVOM.

New tokens can be added by the community, stay tuned.

Next Generation

Drivers of digital art.

This is a secret, few people read this, join our Telegram and Reddit and stay tuned to win exclusive NFTs.

Next Generation

driven by innovation

EVOM is 100% decentralized and controlled by the community, to learn more read below.